How squishy or firm is this yoga mat?     Our yoga mat is the perfect Goldilocks thickness. We want a super squishy/cushy mat, light enough to carry without strain, and firm enough not to shift underfoot. 4mm is a bit too firm, 6mm can shift underfoot. Our testing shows a thickness of 5mm is the Goldilocks thickness for yoga mats. Enjoy.

Is the mat for tall humans or short humans?     Both. The mat accommodates all bodies short and tall. You will have plenty of yoga mat to play with.

Why Polyurethane (PU) and tree rubber?     We wanted a non polyvinl-chloride option for a yoga mat. Should be easy right? Well, its more complicated than you might think at first glance. After a great deal of research and a few conversations with manufacturers the choice was very clear. The tree rubber is fabulous for squishy-ness and weight, and the PU is great for flexibility, durability, and resistance to abrasion and temperature. This is the same inert PU we use in mattresses and medical devices. Yes we looked at jute, hemp, suede, and beyond. These are fair options but we want that nice cushion, so PU and tree rubber is the winner for comfort, flexibility, durability, and safety.

I notice a smell. What is going on with that?     We pack the mats tight to be more efficient and reduce the carbon emissions associated with shipping. The tradeoff is that in some cases both PU and tree rubber will off-gas for a few days. I promise it will get better soon. Just lay the mat out in a well ventilated area and oxygen in the air will take care of it.

How do I clean a yoga mat like this?      It helps to wipe down afer each practice. Then just go for soap and water when required.
  1. Gentle soap (a few drops of dish soap is great) diluted with plenty of water and a soft cloth or sponge
  2. Rinse and wipe with water.
  3. Hang to dry

Who is this mat NOT for?     If you have a latex allergy, these products are not safe for you -- they contain tree rubber.

If your question is not addressed here, please email. We will be happy to answer.